What is Front-End Web Development? | Complete beginner path learn to Front-End Web Development?

We are going to know in this blog how can we become a front-end web developer and what is web development and what is front-end web developer.  We see on the internet and people tell in many different ways but today In this blog, you will quickly know What is web development and how to learn? So in this blog, we are sharing a Complete beginner path learning to Front-End Web Development, also share some resources where are you learn quickly and for free. So are you excited to know so read the complete blog?

What is Web Development

The website that we see on the internet is called web, and development means that to develop something, then we call it web development, which means website development.

This website is made by programmers, the programmers who create this website are called web developers.

There are 3 types of web developers:

  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Back-End Web Developer
  • Full-Stack Web Developer

There are 3 types of Web developers, front-end web developers and back-end web developers and whoever knows both of these things, as soon as we speak full stack, web developer.

In today’s article, we are going to know only what is a front-end web developer and we are going to talk about, How to become a front-end web developer and what is the salary and career scope.

What is a front-end web developer?

When you open a website, whatever things you see on that website with your eyes, the front-end web developer has to design it.

Like you are reading the article on this website, whatever you see, has been designed by a front-end developer, to design it, you have to use some programming language, we also know which programming language it is. and from where we can learn them for free.

Skills Required for Frontend Web Developer

Frontend web development requires learning four main coding skills,

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Designing

Perhaps you have heard this name for the first time, so let us know in detail what is HTML CSS JavaScript.

What is HTML?

HTML means Hypertext markup language, When we see a website, which is its basic structure, we use HTML to create it. Like there are tax images and many things inside the website that we create using HTML when you start learning, you will understand what is made on the website with HTML.

What is CSS?

We use CSS to design what we have created on a web page with the help of HTML, we use CSS to enhance the beauty of our web page like we need to change the colour of the text so we use CSS and align image text para we use CSS. CSS means to design our simple web page created by HTML.

I give some examples of without CSS and after applying CSS.

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is called the brain of the website, which means if we want to add any of our functionality to the website, then we have to use javascript like what should happen after clicking a button, So we can add this functionality to our website by using javascript.

Like we want someone to click on the image, then another photo should come, to do this we use JavaScript, if we want someone to click on the button, then open the payment page, then we also use JavaScript.

What is Designing?

Designing means if you are making a website, then first you have to design it after thinking in your mind, you have to design it, you have to create a web page with the help of these HTML CSS JavaScript

To become a front-end web developer, you should also know designing, HTML CSS, JavaScript and designing, by combining these four things, you become a front-end web developer.

Where i learn these skills?

Search it on youtube. You will find many videos in Hindi. Who teaches all these things in easy language. If you don’t understand one video, you can also watch another video.


The average salary of a Frontend Web Developer for a year is 5 lakh to 7 lakh rupees. As you keep working, your skills will also increase. Due to this your salary also keeps increasing rapidly.

I hope are you learn something from this blog so please send your feedback..

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