Vs Code Extension For Frontend Web Developer

Vs Code Extension For Frontend Web Developer – Must Install

In this article, we talk about best vs code extension for a frontend web developer. And I promise you to install all extensions after this article because all these extensions add 10x faster to your coding work.

What is Vs Code?

Nowadays frontend developers to backend developers or any type of coder use only on vs code studio. Yes if you are into development you heard about code words. Vs code full form is visual code studio. And it’s code editor, we can make applications to complete the website into this software so you can understand how much important vs code is for any developer. In vs code studio, we can use git/GitHub direct.

And also vs code many features like code snippet and also when we have they show what mean about this code tag or word. If you are a web developer then you must use their best extension which is a live server. It shows a live preview of our coding work in vs code studio using the browser.

vs code studio free or has a premium feature?

Vs code studio is made by Microsoft, many people say vs code studio to Microsoft Visual Studio but it’s completely different things. Vs code studio does not have any premium feature or does not have another paid version it’s completely free for all users.

In a survey vs code studio downloading user count is almost 13.5 million. And that’s the main reason is vs code supported all programming languages like java, javascript, html, css, python, c++, and many more things. And you are amazed that vs code is made by javascript and typescript. Yes, you heard right, now think how much have power to javascript.

what is an extension in vs code studio?

Vs code extension, that’s the reason why vs code grow because it has almost had 25,000+ extensions for all programing languages. We use extensions to do our coding work faster or easier. When we use any extension that means we get anyone’s help with our work. Vs code studio extension has lots of amazing features so now talk about best vs code extension for frontend web developers.

1. Prettier – Code formatter

Prettier - Code formatter

Yes, this is the best extension for frontend web developers. Actually, this extension helps us to format our code. Because when we write our code we don’t write in the correct line or way we just type, type code, and an end we see our code work but looks ugly so this prettier extension helps us to format our code and in just 1 click our whole code format in seconds. This extension has some feature like default formatter, and prettier resolution.

2. Rainbow Brackets

 Rainbow Brackets

This extension is for code brackets, as this extension is named rainbow brackets. So when we do code our 😐 looks like boring and personally I feel that if our vs code studio is completely set up we code faster and do more productive work. So this extension gives rainbow colors to our tags bracket. It works for round brackets, square brackets, and squiggly brackets.

And you are amazed that the extension has 1.5 million users who install and love this extension.



Yes, you heard right, this extension name is vscode faker. You heard about the fake text but this extension does all of the fake work😄. So this extension work is generate fake information like name, address, phone, system, music, date, and many more things.

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When we develop any project or website so we need images some text and information and we waste our time to find on the Internet then we use them for demos then we later use actually image or texts. So this extension helps us to work faster 10x times. On this extension, 300k downloads are already registered.

4. Live Server

Live Server

This extension is the most popular and useful extension for a web developer. Yes, this extension name is Live server and you can get easily the idea that 22 million download this extension and use it every day, every second. So let’s talk about this extension helps to watch our preview in a browser that we launch form vs code studio.

When people use notepad or any platform for code editors so when they write code, save code and reload the browser and they make a change and the same thing repeats so this extension is the solution.

When you start your coding launch form go live button and automatically your default browser opens and you can see your coding preview but when you make the change you just need to save your code in the file, which means ctrl+s and when you see your browser it’s preview change. That’s why daily 20 million people use this extension so I personally suggest don’t forget to install this.

5. Font Awesome Auto-complete & Preview

Font Awesome Auto-complete & Preview

This is the most underrated extension ever. This extension helps that developer who uses most of the font awesome icon and daily visit their website for the icon. By installing this extension your work is 10x faster.

This extension name is font awesome auto-complete & preview. It works like when we want any icon so visit font awesome icon website and search and copy their code and paste in our vs code but by this extension, you just need to create I tag and write a class and start writing name like Fa-arrow and it automatically suggests all icon related to this word and special things is that we can easily preview icon before use when we write code, there is a pop box for showing the icon.

So I love this extension and I daily use it in my project. This extension is used by 10000+ developers.

6. Live Sass Compiler

Live Sass Compiler

This extension is for those who use the Css pre-processor, sass. Yes, sass means Syntactically awesome style sheets, most people use sass for faster work. If you don’t use sass in your life here is a summary, sass is worked like css but it has its own rules, sass has some powerful features like variables, nesting, and pseudo-elements target in an easy and fast way, create mixin with scss, extend feature.

So we use sass like Css, the answer is not because the browser does not understand scss that’s why we need this extension to compile our sass file to Css and work with our file. Yes also you create a sass file with .scss extension and after writing sass code you can use this extension you can see a button at the bottom that says watch sass when you click on this, automatically Css file is generated and you can link the Css file in your html file and now the browser is ready to understand your scss code.

This extension is popular day by day, and it has almost downloaded 2.5 million. So if you use know sass then you must use this extension for faster work.

7. Peacock


This is my personal favorite extension. This extension name is a peacock and you understand by this name it’s all about coloring in our vs code. Yes, it’s a color extension but not in theme, it’s change vs code tabs color.

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If you work a lot in multiple files in at a time and switch files and you forget and you see my name and it’s boring😑, so by installing these themes every tab bar has a separate color bar so you see what’s the tab you switch now. And you can’t believe this extension also have a download of 1.7 million user base, it’s growing day by day by its coloring our tab bar function.



You heard about bookmarking any social media post or any useful website, but we are developers so we bookmark our code yes as this extension name bookmark. Yes, this extension is for those people who write 1000+ lines of code and scroll on a position or just search in the whole code file.

so now you have a bookmark extension, and it helps to bookmark those lines of code, and there is an icon so when you need to scroll just click on that icon and you automatically move to those code lines. Yes, it’s a very helpful extension for that developer who uses javascript and Css.

And you are amazed that 2.1 million users use this bookmark extension to bookmark their codes, go and add them to your extension list.

9. better comments

better comments

By this extension’s name, you can easily understand😉 this extension is all about comments because its name is a better comment. Now you think we can write comments easily in every language, in every programing language there is the syntax for writing comments to understand 😉 code, and other developers understand our code easily so we write comments. But this extension helps us to write a comment in a new way yes absolutely unique and stylish way of writing a comment.

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After the comment code, you can style your comment in alert, queries, highlight, and some other features. After installing this extension your comment looks more attractive and understandable by icon comment. This extension support every programing language.

In this extension, there is 3.2 million download so you can see we see lots of extensions but the number of downloads is under 2 million this extension have a large fan base and it’s growing day by day. So please add in your extension list your Friend developer understands better.

10. Live Share

Live Share

This is the best extension for those who make their project in teams and also want to solve bugs with friends but you share your whole code file and get a return. But now with this extension, you need to share your code or your code files. Yes by this extension you can share your live screen coding with your friends or team.

Yes, this extension is widely used and it was created by Microsoft. This live share show real-time coding and your voice call by this amazing extension. There is easy to share your coding file and invite any coder for debugging, collaboration, and testing. Also, you have some amazing features like you can share a part of code, terminal access, or many things related to this. This is the best extension that I loved most. It’s like you edit in a Figma file or any google Docs yes you see your friend or teammate’s cursor.

So if you work in a team so you definitely add this extension to your extension list. And enjoy 😊working like you with your friend or teammates.

In this extension list, we share 10 extension list and their use. We share every extension screenshot and its usage. Maybe this extension is not for you so read all extension summaries and add in extensions by your need or choice.

All these extensions I share this all available on the marketplace of visual code studio or you just google it for extension name or add vs code so you find the first website is vs code studio and after this can install.

And one more way is just to open your visual code studio and in the sidebar, there is a menu name extension click on this and search extensions by their name and add in your vs code. If the extension not working properly you can see in the guidelines how to install the extension and this all thing. 🤩

Thanks for reading the whole article, if you see that there is a mistake or we need to improve don’t move, just put your thoughts 🤔💭in the comment section. We read your comment and improve so every user gains correct information or knowledge about web development. Thank you again

My name is ankit Dungawat Know as codewithrandom, I am frontend developer and run a Instagram page over 140k followers so I daily share new tutorial or project on this website. I run more then 3 website or 2 Instagram pages.

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