Top 10 Javascript Project ideas for beginners

in this article, we share 10 javascript projects for beginners to advance. we share all project source code here so you can get code also. We share those projects who pure made with vanilla javascript in those projects. So there is no javascript(Jquery) project included.

We learn about project technology in every project and share project screenshots so you can quickly get an idea of your project. So why do you wait here let’s move to our project 1.

1. Light/Dark Theme Calculator Javascript

In this project, we make a calculator using html css, and javascript. This calculator’s best feature is the light/Dark theme, you can easily switch light to dark mode when working with a calculator. We use html table for calculator numbers to get all features in grid type. Then we use css code for styling this project. Then we use javascript to add the calculator feature. We use if-else and javascript selector in this javascript code.

Collect Form Data Without Backend

And our calculator project preview is here you can visit this website for the source code 🎉

Light/Dark Them

For Code Click Here

2. Popup Registration Form Javascript

This is the best project so we include it in the top 10 javascript projects.we make this form with help of html css and javascript. We have a button on page login/register so when we click we see a pop screen and on the pop screen, we have a sliding form if we want to login we click on login there’s like screen transition. You understand better when you make this awesome form project. We use font awesome for including icons on top of the form. And we use css with animation code we use keyframe for animation. Then we use javascript for these awesome features.

And our Popup Registration Form Javascript project preview is here you can visit this website for the source code 🎉

Popup Registration Form
Popup Registration Form

For Code Click Here

3. Password Generator Javascript

This is the best project that we use in our daily life 🔥. Because as a developer we visit many sites and make our accounts so this best password generator using html css javascript. In this project, we use html form elements like a checkbox and input number so we can select for password like we want in number Or character or in the symbol so we use html checkbox.

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Then we use our css code to style our password generator box. In javascript 1st we get all elements by javascript selector, then insert number and symbol using javascript. Then we use some javascript features for getting random numbers Or characters so we use math random and math floor. Then we use the if-else condition so what users check for their password they get a password according to their choice.

And your password Generator project preview is here you can visit this website for the source code 🎉

Password Generator Javascript

For Code Click Here

4. Age Calculator

This project like is a calculator but it has more interesting features than a calculator. Yes, this is an age calculator project we have 3 input fields in this project so we enter Date, Month, and Year and when we click on submit we see how much we old are. We get results in a year, month and day. We use html forgetting the input value and submit button.

Then we use css for styling our age calculator box. We center our box and style our input field using css. Then we use javascript for the project functionality. 1st we all those 3 values that the user enters in the input field then we make a function that gets today’s date. We have a javascript feature for this work newDate(). Then we calculate enter date and show on the screen how you are old.

And your Age Calculator project preview is here you can visit this website for the source code 🎉

Age Calculator

For Code Click Here

5. Build A Chatbot From Scratch In Javascript

Yeah, you guess right we make a chatbot. And it’s completely made by fronted language, not any database we need, actually there in ai or this type of thing in the project. Our chatbot is simply made with html css and javascript so if a user type-specific questions then the chatbot gives a fixed answer.

I know you may be confused about the project so let’s take a look at how our project was made with html css and javascript. We use html for some heading and then we use input type text and use inline javascript in html. Then a simple button. After html, we styled our chatbot completely with simple animation. Then our main part comes javascript.

In javascript 1st we add all question and answer so when a user types the same as our question they see an answer that we already fix with those questions so it’s just simple. If you have any confusion 🤔let’s see the preview then go for this or project code so you completely understand what I want to say.

And your Chatbot project preview is here you can visit this website for the source code 🎉


For Code Click Here

6. Drawing App

In this project we make a simple drawing project where user can draw anything, they can write anything using a mouse, In drawing there is some feature like you can increase or decrease the stroke of color🎨.

You can cut everything that you draw with only 1 button. We make this using pure html css and javascript. In this project, we use canvas, canvas as the best html element, and give many features for applications like drawing.

Then we styled our canvas box because we give a height or width to the canvas so add background color and center it. Then we use many features of javascript in this project we use offset, mousemove, ctx, ctxfill, and many useful features. You can better understand when you see this project source code.

And your Drawing App project preview is here you can visit this website for the source code 🎉

Drawing App

For Code Click Here

7. Notes app

if you are a javascript lover then you make a notes app before this article if not then perfect💯. Most of the people who learn javascript absolutely make note apps. Because form this notes app you learn 10% javascript easily if you understand😉 everything so because in notes we have some cool features like add note button. And then we overwrite any notes that we already write.

And have a delete button to delete any notes. We use pure html css and javascript in this notes app. In html, we use font awesome icon link, and a button with add note. Then we write our css code to style the notes app page. And here is our main part of javascript.

We use storage topic in this project and it’s a very important topic in javascript, because when users close these tabs and after time they reopen the same tabs they see the notes that we write. So this is all things possible with javascript. Then we use javascript with the inner html function to show our notes.

And your Notes app project preview is here you can visit this website for the source code 🎉

 Notes app

For Code Click Here

8. Copy to clipboard javascript

This is a small project of javascript but very useful, you see this feature in many places like in form, sometimes coupon code and unique id to copy also we use this in our password generator project to copy our password that we generate.

In this project, we use html for 2 Textarea, in 1st Textarea we write something, and at the bottom of 1st Textarea there is a copy to the clipboard when we press this button all text that we write copy, and in 2nd Textarea, we paste for the experiment. That’s it in html. Then we use css for some animation in our project and also styling our Textarea and button as well. in javascript we use less line javascript for this feature we use the javascript function exec command for the copy function.

And your Copy to clipboard project preview is here you can visit this website for the source code 🎉

Copy to clipboard javascript

For Code Click Here

9. Javascript Increment Counter

This is an interesting 😁project that we make for 🔥make with pure html css and javascript. In this project, we have an increment counter and this project is used by most business websites, and freelancers use this feature on the website.

When the user visits their webpage there is an ongoing counter of numbers and they stop where we use end number like we use we done 200 projects so count starts from 0 to 200 and it’s done in a second so user interacts with their number and build trust.

In this project, we use font awesome for icons that we show In the project. Then we use html attributes that help to give the end number that attributes is data-target. In css, we style our font with awesome icons and do center elements. In javascript we get our data target so we run our animation 0 to data target🎯, That’s our project.

And your Increment Counter project preview is here you can visit this website for the source code 🎉

Javascript Increment Counter

For Code Click Here

10. speech to text javascript

Speech to text project, this project is for advanced javascript learner so they understand the main feature and how this thing work. So let’s start in this project we have a heading and then a button so when we click on this button recording starts what we say, and then at the bottom all text show what we speak and after this box, there is a button for copy that text that we speak.

You can understand 😉how useful this project is. In html, we use a button and in the button, we use onclick javascript function. Then little bit css for styling our project. Then we use our main feature using javascript, we use speech recognition to get speech to text you can understand😉 better when you make this project.

And your speech to text project preview is here you can visit this website for the source code 🎉

 speech to text javascript

For Code Click Here

In this article, we share 10 top-level javascript projects with their source code. You can visit every project by clicking on for code click here. You can see every project screenshots to get an idea how what the project looks like.

So if we did any mistakes please tell us in the comment section so we improve day by day❤Thanks for visiting our website.

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