How To Host Website on Netlify in free

Host Website on Netlify

In this article, we learn how we host websites on netlify in absolutely free. We learn how to make html file that is our main home page and how this all thing work. How do we give updates to our site in netlify without git and GitHub so let’s start our amazing blog on how we go localhost to a custom domain.

First, we see what things are required to host a website on netlify.

1. Internet connection 😁

2. A netlify account

3. A coding file, .html file must need

Create account on netlify

1st thing is we need to create netlify I attached a link to netlify & home page screenshot of netlify

Host Website on Netlify

Make Account On Netlify

So after going on this site, you need to sign up or log in (if you make your already account so) so you need to make your account on netlify you can use your GitHub , Gitlab, Bitbucket Or by your email . So we chose make our account using email otherwise you can make your account using GitHub but for beginners we make our account using mail id.

Host Website on Netlify

After creating our account on netlify there is a mail in your inbox for verification account netlify account. Click on verify email and now your account is activated and now you can log in through your email id and by a password.

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Account Name

After verification, you see the get started to screen and there is a form just simply don’t worry about what you fill😥. Select what you like you use netlify for work/client/personal/School so fill these details according to you. in the bottom you see the name of your team so there is anything random name we use.

Now Host Website on Netlify

Now before this step, you make a folder you can give any name to this folder and in this folder make a file you can give any name to this but you save this file with name.html. and make sure you upload some code so when you see there is a problem or not.

The important thing is if you want to host your portfolio or any project or you have many html files but make sure your home page URL is only named with index.html. if you have a single html file then anything, ok but if you have multiple html then don’t do this thing

Demo Code if you don’t Have

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8" />
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" />
    <title>Host Site On Netlify</title>
<h1>We Are Live!Yeahhhhh</h1>

You Deploy Here

Host Website on Netlify

After your file is done you drag your folder to this deploy manually. the host process automatically starts and your website is live. hosted successful

Click Here For Demo

Host Website on Netlify

Custom Name on Netlify

Click On site setting

Custom Name on Netlify

After Click on-site you see this interface

Custom Name on Netlify

In this menu, you click on the change site name

Custom Name on Netlify

After this, you can choose any available name of our site so we chose wehostyeah name for our site now this is our site URL. Finally, we set the custom name of our website.

Update Website In Netlify

For website update form manually in netlify is very simple just click on the deploys section on our website

Update Website In Netlify

After clicking on deploys you see this drag and drop file again so upload your update folder here and now everything updates.

Update Website In Netlify

In this article, we learn many things like how we host a website on netlify and how we chose a custom URL name for our website and in end, we learn how we give update our website on netlify with easy steps.

We know we are not perfect to explain we try our best. If there’s anything wrong please tell me in the comment section 🔥thank you

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