Frontend Developer roadmap – developer in 3 month

Frontend Developer roadmap – developer in 3 month

If you want to be a frontend web developer, you read the absolutely right article on how to become a web developer in 3 months. This is possible if you do really work hard other you learn web development for 3 years but you never learn how to code, or how to build things. We see a first explanation of what is a web developer and what is frontend web developer VS back end developer. In this article, we see a complete roadmap according to 2022 technology. So let’s start with an explanation.

What is a Web Developer

Many people know developers, who write code, but when we add web word before developer so it’s a web developer. Web developer has many choices there is 2 part to web development Frontend and backend. In this part coding need in every part like frontend and backend developers do code but do code for different things.

Frontend Developer

Let’s see an explanation of how you became a frontend developer. But let’s understand what a frontend developer does. On the website, there is 2 part front and back. So in technical language, we use design word for frontend and Database word for the backend. So we see frontend developers do code that we see on the website, but we don’t know what happens behind the code.

When we fill form it’s created by the frontend developer but when we submit the form there’s a backend developer who sees where he uses our data, where the story is, and this is all thing. Hope you understand frontend developers do code for frontend design that we see in websites including website animation, buttons, forms, menus, sections, images, text, etc.

Frontend Developer Roadmap

Frontend developer roadmap is day by day difficult because every day new technology Comes. And every beginner is very confused that what we learn or what to not learn because some technology is really old but some technology old but any new technology can’t replace that technology. But in today’s article we share a complete roadmap of today’s technology so let’s start with what you learn 1st to become a frontend developer.

Frontned Developer

I give you suggestions and it’s optional. Before jumping into front-end development you learn a little bit about designing and learning some rules of how to design a website.

It helps you when you create an amazing website but you don’t know UI rules you do the wrong combination of color and layout so learn the basics of design and layout designing. This thing helps you when you land any job as a frontend developer it’s your plus point in your resume. So let’s start the roadmap of the frontend developer.


If you are really in touch with development, you know or heard about Html. Many people make fun of Html and the reason is many people say Html is a programing language but it’s a markup language. Html full form is a hypertext markup language it’s just markup language that creates website layout. Html create button, menu, form structure, not style😁 Just creating layout.


Html is a markup language, so it is very easy and short. It has limited tags and no hard markup tags. For creating forms in html.we have a form tag, for creating a table we have a table in html. There is some important topic in html, and we use this tag very much like Div, span, table, form, nav, image, audio, and video tag.

You can learn html in 5 days approximately, and I say according to me if you Least learn 6 hours per day. You can learn html in 5 days, and you know more practice give more learning.


Css is very interesting when you start to learn css it’s very easy but when you learn displays and media queries it’s a little bit hard to html. Here hard means hard form html and very hard and can’t learn🤣. Now come to topics CSS means Cascading Style sheets by name you can understand for styling html elements we use css. Use we use html to create buttons (example) and we style like what color, size, background color, radius everything we do by css.


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I mention that css a little bit hard but if you master this topic from css you are the king of css. This is topic to master background property, css display property like flex, grid, inline, block, and then media query, z index, and animation property.

If you learn this css property with daily practice you learn css in 20 days approximately if you spend 6 hours daily. So learn css after html and you are able to create a website easily after html css but you can’t add any function to the website because we do this thing with javascript.

Css FrameWork

But before going to javascript there is a word framework, we see the framework definition in another article but there are many css frameworks new and old. And there are many people who skip css and learn framework so please learn css before any framework. And then learn css framework. There are 2 frameworks that I prefer to learn after css learning.

  1. Bootstrap
  2. Tailwind Css


Yes now, this is the most important thing to learn in web development. You can understand by example how much important this language is for your career. This is a programing language so you can say that I know a programing language 😄.

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And javascript is widely used in many things like frontend development, backend development, machine learning, and app development🔥. JavaScript is the backbone of web development. Html and Css for creating web layouts and styling but javascript give life to the website I mean javascript adds functionality to our website. Javascript uses when we want if this button clicks what happens next if someone scrolls what happens we do this all thing with javascript.

In Javascript learn. Variables, function, DOM, data types, objects, array, date, switch, and many more things. So learn this basic to advance thing and try to learn this thing with any project so you never forget this code use.

Javascript have many useful framework and libraries. So javascript little bit easy using framework but before learning any framework you know almost 70% javascript then you can learn any framework or libraries because you already learn the basics of how to code execution.

Best Javascript Framework To Learn

  1. react
  2. Angular

Best Javascript Libraries To Learn

In my personal😍 opinion that there is no best javascript library to learn. According to your work requirements, you find any library and use it in your project. There are lots of libraries for almost your every work need. Search on google javascript library you find tons of libraries.



GitHub and Git is a very important things to learn in web development to easier and safely backup our code. This is the version control system. It’s have your old code version and the new one as well. When you do coding your website you host it, but when you need to change a button style so don’t need to update the full website just push a request using git so update live. And if you do any mistakes you can switch to your old version code that’s skills need every web developer. So don’t forget to learn git and GitHub.

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In this article, we completely see how to become a frontend developer. This roadmap is completely according to the latest technology and suggests late technology to learn and also company demands. Also, the best way to learn web development is daily practice with your own code. Many people watch the tutorial and do coding, if of the tutorial their coding stop because they just enter a tutorial circle so please stay away from this, watch but careful

Visit our blog for frontend-related content🤗 and if we did any mistakes tell us in the comment section to improve them. Thank you❤🙏

My name is ankit Dungawat Know as codewithrandom, I am frontend developer and run a Instagram page over 140k followers so I daily share new tutorial or project on this website. I run more then 3 website or 2 Instagram pages.

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