Best youtube channel for Web developers

Best youtube channel for Web developers

Hello, guys welcome back to another blog of Projectfreecode. today I will be telling top YOUTUBE channels for developers basically developer is a person who builds and creates software and applications and debug and executes the source code of an application.

I will explain about each channel like what type of developer videos they upload on YOUTUBE there are many types of developers, for example, web developers app developers frontend developers, and many more types of developers like this. it will be very useful for you to learn some most precious or important skills which will help you a lot I can even help you to crack interviews .so let’s start and lastly one thing I have seen the content they provide and picked them.

1. Dev Ed

This channel has 761k subscribers He does a lot of cool fun tutorial videos on html CSS and even on javascript and he also does discussion base videos and some really funny and proper content and topic-based videos.

he even told in a video that they need to do so much research to provide the content he even tells about full-stack coding and even web development and he has some really amazing videos for beginners on every coding subject like python, C, C++, and many more. which I think is useful for a lot of people and he has a proper playlist so that you can find topics easily that you need.

2. Design Course

This channel has 939K subscribers this number may change there is very more chance to increase but they won’t decrease and he does a lot of UI and UX stuff. if you need or you want any channel for UI and UX programming you can go with this channel and there are many fewer people who do videos on this topic on YOUTUBE and even design videos also he does a live stream call negative space where he takes the questions of viewers and answers them and he also has some videos on bootstrap and even he has done SHOPIFY Bootcamp.

3. The Net Ninja

I think most of you have heard about this channel and by the way, this channel has 953k subscribers he makes videos in series like once he took one topic he tells completely and in a detailed way about that topic.

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And when you open his channel the first impression is very good it is very nice to see and everything is in an arranged manner and they are a lot more valuable than some the premium subscriptions and courses and he does many more like javascript, graph QL, and some web apps and many more and his playlist is also amazing there are many projects and he also creates some crazy games and he is the most organized person in this field.


it is an online learning platform but they also have a cool YOUTUBE channel but they only explain different languages in their videos this is useful for basic learners like people or students who want to learn the coding or programming can go with this channel .and this will help to direct you to choose a filed and go with it and even you can learn darts flatters and many more other things like this.

5. Program with Erik

this channel does a lot of tips and tricks videos and he also does the tutorial videos and he does a lot of vue.js videos. basically, he is a vue.js developer if you are looking for a vue.js developer you can try this channel. and he also does some hacks videos his playlist is also good and every video is sorted in a proper manner.

Program with Erik

there are some short videos also to see and he has some videos based on Nest.js also he has some really amazing content and he Upload videos every Monday and Wednesday and sometimes even on Fridays and I forget to tell you he also has a podcast channel named Dylan Israel.

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6. Coding Garden With CJ

it is one the most FAVOURITE channel of mine till now. And this is my FAVOURITE channel for learning javascript he only does live streams but they are very long like almost they are of 2-3 hours of streams. But in live streams also goes into depth as he shows you his complete process like what he does what kind of code he uses and what kinds of sites.

Coding Garden With CJ

He used to write codes and everything he does algorithm videos also and algorithms are a lot valuable thing nowadays as everybody knows. he also does some QNA-type videos and he has more videos of Newb in his playlist.

7. Coding Train

He also does a lot of live streams and he also has tutorial base videos but one thing if you are unable to learn seriously then I think this channel will help you. Because he makes videos in more entertaining ways he does a lot of different things like with algorithms APIs with different libraries.

Coding Train

this channel is for everyone and his playlist is also properly arranged one thing I noticed in his playlist is he created Discord Bot and he also has a video of machine learning for beginners in javascript I think this would help a lot of people.

8. Fun Fun function

he used a lot of tutorial videos and even videos on functional javascript. he does videos on high-order ray methods now he does a lot of live streams and interviews of different people.

Fun Fun function

he also talks about more personal things most people do not put content like him he is also a fantastic java script developer to follow not only videos on programming. he also does videos on non-programming videos which are very helpful to everyone.

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I think I have covered a lot of useful channels if not forgive me in my point of view they are very best and amazing content providers I hope you like it and if you start watching their videos you can learn a lot from them

Thank You

My name is ankit Dungawat Know as codewithrandom, I am frontend developer and run a Instagram page over 140k followers so I daily share new tutorial or project on this website. I run more then 3 website or 2 Instagram pages.

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