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Top 10 Web Developer Portfolio

Today’s article shows the best web developer portfolios, what technology they use in their portfolio, and how the portfolio was made, so let’s start our article 🎉Welcome to ProjectFreeCode.

I share the 10 top most creative and well-designed and coded portfolios so let’s start with Bruno Simon.

1. Bruno Simon

In 1st portfolio, is Bruno Simon’s Portfolio. This portfolio is similar to a real Game yes you can play with a jeep and move the jeep with an arrow key so you move on the ground and completely visit their portfolio.

Also when you hit jeep to element there is sound and otherwise jeep sound plays in the background when you play with jeep. When you run on a jeep on any elements that can be open so just stop jeep on that’s elements and you press on open and that’s site or project open.

Bruno Simon Portfolio
In this project technology used is html css javascript, jquery, and javascript framework modernizr. And in css, he uses bootstrap, and the web server apache that’s for project technology.

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2. Adeola adeoti

In this article, we give 10/10 for the best animation ever. When we visit this portfolio there is loading animation but in dots animation or something like there is an animation of skill that have Adeola.

Also, there is my personal favorite thing is music, when we scroll and there is music start and we toggle the button to close the music. And there is a cursor Animation, in the cursor there round-name animation of Adeola’s name, and a dot in the center.

On this portfolio, In the project section, there project thumbnail and when you hover, believe me, this image affects you never see. On this website, I also like their full-screen hamburger menu and its content must-visit portfolio.

Adeola adeoti Portfolio

And now we talk about what technology Adeola uses in this portfolio html, css (scss) , javascript, typescript, and react js.

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3. Brittany Chiang

This is a simple portfolio but when you see this you are automatically attracted to this. It has simple loading animation with the name logo when the page load. But when it’s loaded it has an awesome design and I personally love this font on a website. Also on this website on every image, there is an attractive hover effect.

Brittany Chiang Portfolio
Let’s talk about this project technology so in there is the use of html css and javascript and javascript framework React js.

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4. jacekjeznach

This is the 4th portfolio and is full of animation and not simple animation all animation is unique in this portfolio. When it’s loaded there text typing effect and when you hover any letter on this website it has a hover effect.

And I like the cursor effect on this website. When you scroll down to any section there is typing effect for the section heading. Also when you scroll to the skills section there is like glob type circle and all skills move In glob. I like this part. On this website, each and every section have unique animation so when you visit this portfolio visit every section.

jacekjeznach Portfolio

Now after seeing heavy animation on the website you can easily understand how many languages, and frameworks are used. So there is WordPress custom, javascript framework Jquery, Gsap, TweenMax and use of backend language Php and also use google maps and javascript graphic twitter Emoji (twemoji) and all CDN links. That’s it all heavy material for this portfolio

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5. Adham Dannaway

This is a very simple and short portfolio 😄. Adhan is a designer and coder also so they make creativity on their portfolio home page. When the portfolio loads there is a photo in the center 1st side is the Designer and 2nd side of the photo coder word,

so when we hover our cursor to the designer In the center photo there is all color 🎨and this all type of design and when we hover coder world there is a person thinking about logic In photo so that’s main part like in this portfolio otherwise there is all section but redirect on different pages so that’s it for this portfolio.

this portfolio use technology of WordPress custom,

Also in this project, there is the use of JavaScript graphics twitter Emoji(twemoji) and there is a backend language PHP and JavaScript framework called modernizr. that’s it for this portfolio website.

Adham Dannaway Portfolio

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6. Jack McDade

In this portfolio their best and most joyful theme. I liked this very much and it’s a theme like a jungle (forest theme). But in this portfolio, there is no animation I mean there is 2 image where we can see the hover effect otherwise no scroll effect or any cursor effect. we see many animals’ photos on the portfolio and that’s very suitable according to the theme. You can understand how simple this theme is and this all.

Jack McDade Portfolio

if we talk about this website technology so there is custom coding with HTML CSS and JavaScript and JavaScript framework React and there is a web server Called Nginx. I promise you this best simple and unique portfolio ever.

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7.Robby Leonardi

This is the best portfolio who want to short their portfolio. On the main page of the website there is some cartoon character type, so basically this cartoon-based portfolio theme. On this website, there is a 4-page section portfolio only.

But yeah there is an important thing in the website, there is 2nd website open when you click on launch, the launch website there is game loading like super Mario🎮when you move the character to ahead there is 1 level and there are all details about. when you go for level 2 there is all about his skill in the water area (talking about In-game water).

When you complete level 2, in the next level, level 3 there is all about his experience in his past and current. In the last level, there is all about his reward and achievement.

And after completing the game you can there is a contact form also from contact with Robby. That’s similar to Bruno Simon’s portfolio😄. But their concept is a different there racing game to super Mario.

Robby Leonardi Portfolio

So now we talk about what technology was used in the project. So there are lot of html, css, and javascript code. In this portfolio, there is lots of javascript framework including jquery, and one more version of jquery and device js framework also. And there is a javascript graphic called Preloaders.

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8. Robb Owen

In this portfolio, there is lots of animation and I like all animation ❤. Start with the home page loading, when the portfolio main page start loading there is a dot loading animation and then the page load and main page content come in an animated way.

On the home page a person’s photo with full of animation, actually that follows mouse cursor animation so that’s eye follows the mouse cursor it’s awesome👏. There is a button name menu, it’s a full-screen menu but unique thing is that menu comes up to down not in the sidebar and like this.

When you scroll there is some section related to open source projects and a footer. So we visit the about section form menu so there is awesome content coming effect and there is some photo and when you hover those photos, there is the best image hover effect. Otherwise this portfolio overall is very good with lots of animation.

Robb Owen Portfolio

Now talk about the technology that uses in this portfolio, so there is html, css, and javascript. After seeing this project code, I guess there is a lot of use of SVG in this project.

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9. Cassie Evans

This is my 9th portfolio but I love this portfolio, and the reason is the text hover effect. So talk about Cassie Portfolio there is a home page one side an image and 2nd one side there is text and upside there is a menu and toggle that’s used for the dark or light theme.

So when we off toggle there is a lamp on the home page on this image that’s on in white light and in a sided text when we hover text, example when we hover write word there is lots pencil pop form word and that’s same for fun word so I like this animation very much.

And when you scroll the home page there is a lot of SVG animation and he also talks about SVG in his portfolio. And in the end of the portfolio, there is a contact page where we see a mouse animation for the image so when we move the mouse, the image eye follows mouse that’s also nice. This is all about Cassie’s portfolio.

Cassie Evans Portfolio

If we talk about technology you can understand there is lots of use of SVG and Gsap, TweenMax. Otherwise, there is Html, Css, and javascript for this portfolio.

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10. Jhey Tompkins

This is the best 💯 portfolio, we give it a 10/10 rating because of its function and animation. We see this 1st portfolio that not is made by animation there is lots of useful function. When the page loads there is a mouse animation, actually there are dog images wearing sunglasses🕶️ so when we move the mouse there is a flashlight on the dog’s eyewear.

And also there is the gear icon in the top bar if we click on this icon there is 2 option toggle dark mode and light and there is a sound turn on /off feature. When we scroll the page and there is the main function,

actually there is something like a slider when we slide ahead of the quote change and at the bottom, there is some question related to Jhey(portfolio owner) so when we slide slider question and answer change. And I like this very much. As you scroll more there is a project section and one more section about what Jhey does and there is lots of animation. Must-Visit Website.

Jhey Tompkins portfolio

Now talk about technology, there is html, css, and javascript. And the use of bootstrap and javascript framework Jquery.

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In this article, I do research and found the best 10 portfolios that have an animation to function, and all portfolio is worldwide listed in any small coding competition to Hackathon. And you can get the idea there are many things common in every portfolio there is loading animation in almost every portfolio and mouse cursor animation and customize of the cursor. And the last thing is the hover effect and in each portfolio there’s is lots of hard work and Creativity.

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My name is ankit Dungawat Know as codewithrandom, I am frontend developer and run a Instagram page over 140k followers so I daily share new tutorial or project on this website. I run more then 3 website or 2 Instagram pages.

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